Grow Your Game With ROGAINE For 2014


Disclosure: I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Dad Central for ROGAINE®. I received a product sample and promotional item to thank me for participating. 

ROGAINE is the #1 dermatologist recommended brand for hair regrowth. Men’s ROGAINE Foam is the first easy to use foam FDA approved to help regrow hair containing 5% minoxidil, the ONLY topical ingredient FDA approved to help regrow hair. In clinical testing Men’s ROGAINE® Foam regrew hair in nearly 9 out of 10 men when used twice daily over 16 weeks. I can vouch for the fact that Men are less likely to consider hair treatment products as they get older whereas there has been an overall increase in consideration among younger men ages 25-34.

Recently I had the opportunity to interview American entrepreneur, Bill Rancic. Rancic was the first candidate hired by The Trump Organization at the conclusion of the first season of Donald Trump’s reality television show, The Apprentice. He is a motivational speaker, real estate developer, restaurant owner and author of a New York Times best-selling book on business. As of 2011, he stared in the reality show Giuliana and Bill with his wife Giuliana Rancic.

In May of 2012 Bill teamed up with ROGAINE to serve as the brand’s first-ever “Growth Coach.” Through social media Rancic will share his personal experiences while talking to guys about conquering the problems guys face, including advice on how to take control of their appearance to improve their confidence to transform their lives. I think it is wonderful to see someone like Bill who is in the public eye teaming up with ROGAINE to help ever day guys feel more comfortable about their own hair loss and helping them build back the confidence needed in today’s society. I believe it is important to know that even celebrities go through some of the same things that the average guy goes through.

“Using ROGAINE Foam takes just seconds a day and fits easily into my busy schedule. In the morning after my shower, I towel dry my hair and apply a half capful directly to my scalp and style as usual. At night I do it when I brush my teeth.” – Bill Rancic

This initiative gives me an opportunity to feel the confidence that I didn’t have due to my hair loss as far back as my early 20s. I plan on using my sample of ROGAINE for the complete time duration provided. I will document my results for a future blog post. I wish I would have considered ROGAINE back when I first started to lose my hair.

I was asked by the Influencer Activation group “As a father, what advice can you offer your readers to help them be the best Dad possible in 2014?” I believe to be the best dad (not only in 2014) it requires bonding with your children and participating in their activities whether it is dance, basketball, playing an instrument or anything else that is important to your kids.

For me, my daughter is very involved in dance classes so when she comes home from her practices, she will want to put on a show giving her the opportunity to show off what she learned. I make sure to give her my undivided attention and ask her questions about her dance routine. I also enjoy her Dance Recitals every year and make sure I get there early to purchase tickets so I can have a up close seat for her performance.

For my son who has been involved in basketball since age 5-6 (See my post on Being A CYO Basketball Dad) I have been active in his basketball team as an assistant coach and have been for a few years now. Before that when he was involved in baseball I was his coach as well as on the Board of Directors in his little league.

It is an important part of parenting to show interest in your kids activities. Make sure you take time and participate in them.


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  1. alopecia hair treatment for black women says:

    Balding is pretty frightening. Quite a few folks
    simply check out 1 product right after another with no good results.
    Simply put I presume that for some the loss of hair
    just isn’t reversable.

    However, Its great to discover there’s something we can do
    about it.

    Appreciate it!


    1. Thanks for the comment and glad you liked the post.


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