Long Island’s Munsey Park To Ban Street Basketball


The Village of Munsey Park is considering banning basketball hoops from the village right of way. Munsey Park officials want to eliminate the placing of hoops in the village’s “right of way,” an area between the street curb and a homeowner’s property.

The measure, introduced last week, would amend village law that allows the village board to decide on a case-by-case basis whether to allow residents to erect basketball hoops in front yards along streets in the village. Mayor Frank DeMento said trustee Patrick Hance proposed the law after a resident asked to put up a permanent basketball hoop along the street.

The reasons for the proposed ban, said village trustee Patrick Hance, are safety and aesthetics. “This is a village of aesthetics, and people don’t want to see basketball hoops along the street,” Hance said. “We are not anti-basketball, We love all sports, and we wants kids outside playing. We just don’t want them playing in the street.”

Mayor Frank DeMento said. “We didn’t want the streets lined with basketball hoops, It’s a safety issue for kids playing in the street, and it’s an aesthetic issue because the basketball hoops will be smack in the middle of someone’s front yard.”

The board in the community of 840 homes on Nassau County’s North Shore is scheduled to take up the law again at its Feb. 12 meeting.

This is a shame, I understand of the safety concern, but “We just don’t want them playing in the street?” Growing up as kids me and my friends would always play whiffle ball or stick ball in the street and it was never an issue, we survived. Now we also used to go to the school yard but really. My son plays CYO basketball and we have a movable basketball hoop that I take out every spring and it stays up into the fall. Let kids be kids and enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise. What do you think? Leave your comments below.

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