ROGAINE And Bill Rancic

Bill Rancic and Rogaine

Disclosure: I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Dad Central for ROGAINE. I received a product sample and promotional item to thank me for participating. 

Recently I had the opportunity to interview American entrepreneur, Bill Rancic. Rancic was the first candidate hired by The Trump Organization at the conclusion of the first season of Donald Trump’s reality television show, The Apprentice. He is a motivational speaker, real estate developer, restaurant owner and author of a New York Times best-selling book on business. As of 2011, he stared in the reality show Giuliana and Bill with his wife Giuliana Rancic.

In May of 2012 Bill teamed up with ROGAINE to serve as the brand’s first-ever “Growth Coach.” Through social media Rancic will share his personal experiences while talking to guys about conquering the problems guys face, including advice on how to take control of their appearance to improve their confidence to transform their lives. I think it is wonderful to see someone like Bill who is in the public eye teaming up with ROGAINE to help ever day guys feel more comfortable about their own hair loss and helping them build back the confidence needed in today’s society. I believe it is important to know that even celebrities go through some of the same things that the average guy goes through.

“I would look in the mirror and I would see what I wanted to see and not necessarily what was reality. Then one day I was looking at some photos and I almost didn’t recognize myself and I was startled because my hair was really thinning.” – Bill Rancic

This was my first ever interview and though nervous in the beginning, I quickly became more comfortable as the interview progressed. Bill was very easy to talk to. A special thinks goes out to Bill and his team, ROGAINE and Dad Central for giving me this opportunity.


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