2014 Is Here And So Is CES


2014 is officially upon us and with it comes the International CES. This year will be a big year. I feel it. This might be the year we start to feel like we are reaching the age of the Jetsons. I am not saying we will be driving flying cars or for that matter have our cars fold up into a briefcase but you will see some more personal technology that we have not yet seen before, as apposed to just updates on older technology.

CES2014 will run from January 7th through the 10th in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas NV. I expect a lot of in home and wearable technology this year.

It is only a matter of time before we have technology in our house to help cooks pull up recipes while hands deep in dough or kneading some help with a measurement conversion. (See what I did there?) Maybe it will be a refrigerator that will help you make grocery list based on a recipe you plan on making based on items you already have. This may still be a ways away but who knows. We currently have the technology to attain these. Maybe CES2014 might surprise us.

Wearable Tech Watches looks like it will be a big part of CES this year sporting smart watches like Samsung’s Galaxy Gear watch and the Pebble Smartwatch developers create more apps for the devices you will see more of a consumer attachment. Lets face technology is only as good as the software it comes with. Lets see what comes about from Apple as their most anticipated new product of the year is the long-rumored “iWatch.” Unfortunately, Apple appears to be is seeing poor yield rates for the wearable device stemming from “difficulties applying surface treatments on their metal injection molded (MIM) chassis.”


What do you think we will see at CES 2014 that will shock and surprise us? Leave your comments below.

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