10 Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Tips

Holiday Shopping Tips

The most wonderful time of the year is also the busiest. If you want to get a thoughtful gift but are running out of time, try one of these unique last-minute shopping ideas. Remember Tip number 1. Always be safe and make sure of your surroundings.

  1. Head to the nearest gift shop. If you live near an art museum, science museum or zoo, check out the gift shop for something a little different.
  2. Go back to school. Shops near a local college often have offbeat, interesting gifts for students along with logo-ware for your favorite alum.
  3. Think rural. Drive through the country for handmade soaps, candles and regional treats. Save time by searching the web for store reviews, hours and directions.
  4. Create a digital play list. Buy a USB flash drive, then load it with songs your classic rock-loving nephew needs to add to his collection.
  5. Get crafty. Knitting, sewing and other handicrafts have seen a recent resurgence in popularity. That makes it easy for you to find colorful socks, extra cute baby clothes and funky T-shirts at craft stores.
  6. Buy local. Support area entrepreneurs – and give a unique gift – by purchasing artwork, spirits or even baklava from the hometown experts.
  7. Get physical. A yoga mat and a gift certificate to a nearby yoga studio is a great holiday present for the athlete in the family.
  8. Try something completely different. Your friends are never too old to learn something new. Give a certificate for dance lessons, horseback riding, rock climbing or sushi-making.
  9. Put it in a basket. Create a theme – like car wash, spa night or barbecue bash – and fill a container with everything the recipient needs to do the job right.
  10. Give year-round. A magazine subscription will make sure your friend thinks of you when each issue arrives. Wrap a current copy with a note stating more are on the way.

Have any last minute tips? Leave them below.

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