25 Years Of Christmas

25 years of Christmas

Every year me or my wife have taken pictures of our kids at the top of the staircase since we moved into our house before they came down to see what Santa brought them. I have also video’d them wishing a Merry Christmas. Below, enjoy one father’s video compilation that he filmed of his children running down the stairs towards their Christmas presents every year for 25 years. From 1985 until 2009, a father chronicled the growth of his children to adulthood by capturing their running, sliding and stumbling down the stairs to their Christmas tree.

Every year, our dad would tape us coming down the stairs,’ son Nick Confalone writes in the video’s description. ‘This is a compilation of all the videos I could find.’

Mr Confalone took as many videos as he could find and spliced together the moment he and his siblings ran down the stairs to the Christmas tree,

The excitement of childhood, the apathy of being a teenager and the appreciation of adulthood are all captured – the children grow up in only minutes.

The result is a touching video that over 1.7 million people have watched.

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