Outdoor Holiday Decorating, How Far Will You Go?

Photo Credit: ABC
Photo Credit: ABC

Christmas time is always a fun time as you walk the streets at night. As kids if we were going to someone’s house (via car) we would always admire the Christmas lights and even play a game of Deco. For those of you who don’t know what Deco is, simply put the first person to say deco for a decorated house gets a point. When you reach your destination the person with the most points wins.

This year I had to start from scratch because the huge blowup we had on our lawn (of Santa’s Workshop) no longer lights up due to water getting into the electrical sockets. A friend and neighbor across the street (3citygirlsnyc‘s husband) started a little bit of a deco war (not really but it sounds good). He put out a ton of decorations and right now has one of the top 3 best decorated houses on the block. I am convinced it was to attempt to top our side of the block (and me in particular). I can not let him win that easily so I am slowly working on building up my arsenal of decorations to hopefully at least compete with him.

That being said we will never be able to compete with some houses for sure. There seems to be one house in Queens that ranks in the top nationwide. Looks like I might have to get some inspiration and take a drive to see it. Click here to read more about this house.

UPDATE: Did you watch “The Great Christmas Light Fight” last night on ABC? Well I am excited to say that the Lynch family from Whitestone, NY won the $50,000 to be crowned the Light Fight Champion. Michael Moloney, who worked on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” with Ty Pennington, judged the displays.

How much decorating do you do? How far will you go? Tell us down below.

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