iPhone 6 Rumor: Facial Detection & Recognition Feature

iPhone 6

Apple has recently been awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a system that allows for a personal computing device such as a mac, iPhone or iPad to be controlled through facial detection and recognition, primarily for security and convenience purposes. The patent was filed back in 2008 and introduced itself by describing the problem between current electronics and their users. Saying that devices like computers inconvenience users by requiring action to keep operating without interruption. The patent also details the security risk that comes with passwords which don’t accurately detect a truly authorized users.

Well the facial recognition and detection system is here to fix that. The feature is broken into three separate parts and includes a face detection decision application according to MacRumors. The three parts include the face detection decision application, a face recognition application and an input/output control manager which all work with an image sensor to determine whether a user is actually authorized to use the device or not. So think about the way the Samsung Galaxy phones uses facial recognition to unlock their devices. It’s virtually the same thing but Apple’s patent covers a little more.

The patent also details a number of examples as to what information the facial detection and recognition system cites in authorizing users. Information such as visual facial features and background being matched up against stored info to make sure control of a device can be accessed or not. It is unknown if Apple will actually use the feature in upcoming products but it would be wise. Competitors such as Samsung and Google have already touted simple facial recognition as key features in their products.

Apple also recently completed its acquisition of 3D body sensing firm PrimeSense. It has been rumored that Apple is working on a 4.8-inch edge-to-edge display with sapphire glass. It has also been rumored that the next-generation iPhone will have 3D vision and is expected to be released spring 2014. For now these are just speculations but its always nice keeping up on what Apple might have planned for their next big device. And with these features, this next iPhone is sure to be impressive.

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