Making Time For Family Time


If you are married and have children (especially if they are older children) then I am sure you know how hard it is to set aside time to spend together. Between work, homework, dance classes, basketball practices/games and so I know how we may forget to have a movie night or maybe a game night.

It is important to think back to the time before you had a family and then consider the exact reasons why you wanted a family to begin with. With the current state of society that is driven by money issues, it is a common sight for an individual to not have time to spend with their family. However, think back and you will likely realize why you wanted a family; to spend time with them. Spending time with your family has lots of benefits to both your personal and professional lives. It is something very important that should never be overlooked or taken advantage of.

Set aside time out of your day to spend it with your family. I know I try and have lunch with my wife at least once a week. It does not have to be something elaborate but rather just something to give us time to talk and reconnect. The same should be said for your kids. Spending time with your family can make you feel loved and in turn make the others in your family feel the same way lowering stress and worry from your mind.

Spending time with your family is also something that could greatly improve the lives of both your partner and your children also. Everything you teach a child and every minute of time you spend with them is an investment into their future and therefore should never be overlooked. Even those on an incredibly busy schedule (such as my family) should take the time to spend time together. Not only will it contribute to maintaining a happy home life, it will also give you more benefits and satisfactions out of life. If you spend time with your family, you will benefit, your partner will benefit and your children will benefit throughout their entire lives and therefore, it is important that every individual realizes that spending time with your family should be your main priority each and every day.

I know even in my family forgets to make time for family time and I planning on changing that. What do you do to spend more time with your family? Leave your comments below.

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