The Pay It Forward Holiday 2013 Project

PayItForwardIn three days it will be Thanksgiving, a time where we should all take a step back and be glad for the good in our lives. That got me thinking about trying something. How would you feel if someone bought you a cup of coffee, or gave you change for your meter, or helped you lift a heavy item in or out of your car. Would you pay it forward?

Lets see if we can get #PayItForwardHoliday2013 trending on Twitter. Every time you either Pay It Forward, someone does something nice for you or something nice you see that someone else does for another person this holiday season tweet that good deed with the hash tag #PayItForwardHoliday2013 and add @theguycornernyc to the tweet. It does not have to be something big, just a small gesture of kindness. I challenge you!

Not sure what you can do? Check out 50 Simple Ways To Pay It Forward. Spread the word by sharing this post. If you don’t have Twitter, don’t worry, you can leave your good deed in the comment section below.

The “The Pay It Forward Holiday 2013 Project” Facebook page can be found here. Feel free to Join the project or invite others.


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