Being A CYO Basketball Dad

cyo basketball

The Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) is a Parish, Church, and Community based organization. It consists of a joint effort between Administrative Staff, Operational Volunteers, Pastors, Parish Athletic Representatives, Athletic Directors, Coaches, and Parents. The common purpose is assisting the parish to create an opportunity for the kids to participate in sports which will enable them to grow and assume leadership roles in the church and parish community.

At age 12 my son has been involved with CYO for 7 years now and I have been involved as Assistant Coach for the past 4 years helping out even sooner than that. I believe it is a great opportunity for the two of us to connect on a topic we both enjoy, sports. From Age 5-9 I was also my sons little league coach as well though he gave up baseball to follow the sport he loves. His teammates may come and go but the friendships and the sense of teamwork skills he has built over the 7 years of CYO are priceless and something he will take with him though his whole life.

When ever we are at practice or at a game any miscues we may have at home from time to time gets put aside and we conect. If you ask me if I would give up CYO my answer would be no way. I believe that the program is as much an important part of my life as it is his.


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