Mobile App Of The Week: Key Ring

Key Ring appThis is my first mobile app review. All reviews are apps that I either have on my own phone or have used in the past and liked.

Hey guys, do you have a ton of those little rewards/loyalty and membership cards from all your local stores? I know I do and for a guy bulky is a bad word. I used to keep all of those cards on my keys which are already bulky. Why should I add more? Smart phones are a convenient place to store so much information. Why not rewards cards.

Key Ring is the app that help collect all those rewards and store cards all in one place. Use it to scan & store your existing loyalty cards, enroll in new loyalty programs, and access exclusive coupons and discounts.

Key Ring was created to provide people with a hassle free solution to save time and money while on the go. The one down side to this app is that not all store scanners can read the bar code from the phone but not to fret, for those the stores can manually key in the member number.

Here is an added bonus: If you’re tired of paying excessive amounts for your prescription drugs, Key Ring has the perfect solution for you!  The best part, it’s 100% FREE!  All Key Ring iPhone and Android users can join the “Key Ring Rx Savings” program.

Benefits include:

Save 10% to 75% off all FDA approved drugs

  • Accepted at  54,000 + locations (Wal-Mart, CVS, Kroger, Walgreens, etc…)
  • Save on all FDA approved drugs, brand and generic
  • Pre-activated and never expires
  • Entire family can use the same card
  • Even if you have insurance, you can still use the card.  The greater of the 2 discounts will be applied to your purchase
  • Even applies to prescriptions drugs not currently covered by insurance (ex: lifestyle drugs, mental health prescriptions etc)
  • There are no age, income, or enrollment restrictions, all members of your household are eligible to participate

Key Ring is available for Android and iPhone.
For more information go to Key Ring

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