Cottage Meatloaf

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At our house we all love meatloaf and especially this time of year is perfect. We found this great recipe many years ago. Some may call it the #1 meatloaf ever! If you are looking for a meatloaf recipe that everyone will enjoy this is it! It is YUMMULISHIOUS! Is that a word? I don’t know but anyway I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Great comfort food for that Fall day!

Tip: Don’t line loaf pan with foil as meat still sticks & it may give a tinny taste. Use parchment paper or better yet, an unlined, un-greased silicone loaf pan.

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Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Movie Review, Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Edge of Tomorrow

By: Mobile Movie Man

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the Mobile Movie Man and may not necessarily reflect those of The Guy Corner NYC.

Very Good.  First off I want to welcome Iridescent Fox to the world of followers. Thanks for checking me out and please drop me a few recommendations at – Now this movie was recommended to me by a few followers….Greeno, Denny from Jersey City, and Zack from RI. With this many recommendation how can it miss???

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Sporting News Names RHP Jacob deGrom NL Rookie Of The Year

Jason deGrom, NY Mets, Rookie of The Year, ROY, Sporting News, Jerry Koosman, Jon Matlack, Darryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden, National League, NL

Mets right handed pitcher Jacob deGrom was named the 2014 National League Rookie of the Year by Sporting News early yesterday. DeGrom, 26, made 22 starts and won the NL Rookie Triple Crown leading NL rookies in strikeouts (144), ERA (2.69) and tying for the league lead with nine wins.

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Apple Pay Is Coming Today, What Else?

iCloud Photo Library, Apple Pay, Camera Roll, Continuity, SMS from any device, Instant Hotspot, Apple, iOS 8.1, mobile payments, credit cards, banks, secure element,

If you are an iPhone, iPod or iPad user, by now you probably know that iOS 8.1 will be released today and the biggest hype for this new release is Apple Pay but that is not the only feature being released. And now we’re having a quick look at some other new features that are making their way in the latest update.

Apple iOS 8.1 includes bug fixes, functionality for several Continuity features, the iCloud Photo Library, Apple Pay and the return of the Camera Roll, along with other minor improvements.

Continuity – With the new Continuity feature, users can easily switch between their iPhone, iPad and Mac or use them together. Handoff, Phone Calling, Instant Hotspot and SMS from any device are the main features that Continuity brings. With ‘SMS from any device’ feature, you will be able to send and receive SMS/MMS text messages from your iPad or Mac.

Also, in the chat bubbles, Apple differentiates iMessages with blue backgrounds and standard SMS messages with green backgrounds. Instant Hotspot will allow your iPad or Mac to connect to the personal hotspot on your iPhone if it is in your proximity.

With the new iCloud Photo Library, users will be able to save pictures and videos to their iCloud account. iCloud Photo Library will be accessible through any iOS device or through the iCloud website.

Apple iOS 8.1 will include bug fixes and the return of the Camera Roll, as well. For another blog post on iOS 8.1 click here.

Do you own an Apple iPhone 6? Do you plan on using Apple Pay? Let us know in the comments section below.

Ale And Cheddar Soup

 easy, Foodie, Recipe, Ale, soup, cheddar, bacon, Ale And Cheddar Soup

When I came across a recipe for an ale and cheddar soup recently I immediately though it would be perfect to make some time in the Fall, plus it has 2 of my favorite b words, bacon and beer so technically it can be made all year round. In addition to the ale and cheddar this soup contains plenty of bacon and spicy jalapenos peppers so there was really no way that I could resist making it! This recipe starts out by cooking the bacon, and I used a double smoked bacon to add a smokiness, and then uses the bacon grease to saute the onions, celery and jalapeno peppers so that you do not loose any of that bacon-y goodness. Next up is some garlic and thyme for flavour followed by some flour to thicken the soup before adding the ale and broth. With the soup containing both ale and cheese I added some mustard and Worcestershire sauce which always makes for a great flavour combo. The soup is of course finished off with plenty of cheddar cheese and some heavy cream.

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